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Jimmy V x Slum - AUDI COMA

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Jimmy V is a conceptual and multimedia artist and musician originally from upstate New York. For nearly a decade Jimmy has been creating and producing experimental hip-hop/sneakergaze music under their own name. As a visual artist Jimmy works in a myriad of mediums and genres including fashion design, graphic design, sculpture, and 3D animation. V's work explores themes surrounding the commodification of Black culture, altered/future states of consciousness and much more.


Slum is an experimental multimedia artist and musician from San Francisco, California. Starting in 2014 Slum has taken on various musical projects including the Emo/Dream Pop influenced duo, ‘Bleak Skies’, as well as various self-titled productions. Drawing from Hip Hop, Emo, Shoegaze, IDM, Noise, and Industrial, Slum’s music forcefully pushes the norm and redefines genres. Slum’s visual art includes multimedia collage work and manipulating AI software to create intricate digital landscapes. Themes throughout his music and visual art are intensely emotional and expressive; often calling on the darker side of these ideas, what can be found has equal potential for beauty. Through the sensory chaos, Slum’s world remains conceptually meta and ever-changing, challenging the limits of digital and analogue technology.