Ilya Delire - Plankton

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'Plankton' is a rich journey in to the subterranean world inhabited by earths smallest. Stunning cinematic sound design and ambient worlds.

"«Plankton» is an expiremental ambient album by Ilya Delire, a musician and sound designer from Republic of Udmurtia.
Plankton is an amazing, almost invisible world of organisms that live in oceans, seas, lakes and ponds. Plankton moves along with the course of a reservoir.
In the first half of the album, sounds depict rays of light playing on the surface of the water; they highlight a multitude of bubbles that rise upward.

Granular synthesis, like a muffled water column, simulates the deft movements of microscopic organisms.
Over time, going down into the depths, the atmosphere becomes strange to human."