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Shipping  Sept 14th 2018

 Brand new full length from Iceland native Hekla. Using a theremin and her voice, Hekla has produced something that exists  in a world parallel to or aligned with a few musical styles or genres but does not ultimately sit inside them. Hekla's compositions definitely feel as if they exist on the outside of genre divdes and barriers, looking in. 

Eerie, forlorn textures and drawn out melodies that wouldn't sound out of place on classic Kranky records, but at the same time feel cold, and contemporary like Arca or Scott Walker's latter output.

Phantom Limb says:

"Hekla's music exists singularly. A one-off talent, emerging from no particular scene, ascribing to no particular rules. 

As a creative tool, the theremin - bizarre, unique, and rarely heard - can be expressive, intuitive and highly adaptable. In Hekla's hands, her instrument covers an enormous range, from skittering birdsong of high frequency chirrups and chirps, to grinding, tectonic sub-bass. We are given the throbbing, apocalyptic dread of 'Muddle' and the baroque beauty of traditional Icelandic hymn 'Heyr Himna Smi∂ur' in sequential tracks on the album's A-Side. Appropriately, she also writes that the album title - Á - is similarly multifaceted in her native Icelandic: "a river is an á and also it means ouch like when you hurt yourself, and also when you put something on top of something you put it á (on) something."