Gloop - Realistic Dayze

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Someone once told me it was easy to write electronic music but it’s extremely hard to write good electronic music. Some nice 4 on the floor, a baseline, some lead synth and bobs your uncle, right?

Matt Dixon aka Gloop dispels the myths and bring in a bag of ear worms that drill themselves into your psyche so that you’re humming these tunes from your first cup of tea right through to your head hitting the pillow.

‘Realistic Dayze’ comes from the school of Warp Records Artificial Intelligence series where melody was as important as dance floor potential, these songs being built for the head as well as the feet. Dreamy pads float behind electro beats and retro-futuristic synths that recall B12 and Richie Hawtin’s F.U.S.E moniker in their scope and beauty.

RIYL - B12, The Other People Place, Roy of the Ravers, Rings Around Saturn.