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Genetics and Windsurfing - Recording Session of Waveform Poems

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Genetics and Windsurfing is Daniel Jasniewski from Poland. This is his third release with Orange Milk, he's a veteran in experimental music. One of the appealing attributes of Daniel is that he explores a wide variety of aesthetics and experimentation in his releases, in some regard it feels anti-identity. His first release - Audio Stream Continuum - was beat focused, glitch, sparse, and joyful, a 2013 release, the style was ahead of its time. His follow up - Nonlinear record - as the title suggests delves into pure digital abstraction. The album is almost dizzying yet strangely a listen that you don't mind repeating. His newest release- Recording session of waveform poems - is a resolve of his prior releases, meditative, and spatial. His developed skill comes through on this record, not a moment of obligation, Daniel reaches for the pure abstract, like poetry that has a concise vibe yet as a whole is almost unidentifiable. Daniel is a compelling artist, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and endearing as hell in person. Getting familiar with his work has been rewarding, his willingness to make concrete pivots in style with each release is a rare trait.