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Since the release of their debut album Music For Baths Vol.I in 2020, North American based multi-instrumentalist Early Fern has continued to work seasonally on farms across America, exploring a diverse selection of practices ranging from mushroom farming to goat rearing.

Though the work could be tough and tiring, Early found time to write and record new music whenever possible. Their latest work, Place of Rest, is a collection of pieces that were created whilst living in a cabin on a friend’s farm, situated on unceded Monacan land in Virginia, between the winter solstice of 2020 and the spring equinox of 2021.

Early refurbished the cabin in preparation for winter, creating a space to explore an auditory world inspired by the calm of nature and the wonder and mystery of the fantastical. Here they were able to find some comfort, creating a place of rest and respite from our difficult times.

As with their small méasures debut, Early continues to use their platform to raise awareness and funds for organisations defending the rights of the indigenous people in America.

"As an artist living in a settler colonial state, it is important to me to materially support resistance to ongoing colonisation and ecological destruction. Funds will go to support pipeline resistance efforts in the US, such as Appalachians Against Pipelines and Stop Line 3."

The cassette and CD will be released on November 10th and features several wonderful illustrations by the artist showcasing some of the beautiful natural spaces they explored over the past year.