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DIDA - Ingenious Scenes

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Absolutely loving this tape from Orange Milk. Sitting somewhere in the realm of Yasuaki Shimizu's Music For Commercials, but if Shimizu was composing for 90's CBeebies shows. Genuinely lovely, warm FM tones, late 90's Korg NS5R MIDI style brass, wind and brass with MIDI voice brashness takes the naivety of bygone-music production and frame it in really cool, enjoyable way. 

DIDA is Dennis Vanderauwera of Belgium, active in the excellent Slagwerk label scene with Saliva, Toiret Status, Sybil Montet, etc. Inspired by children's library music, Ingenious Scenes represents frivolous humor within interesting formal experimentation. A childlike playfulness to serious arrangements; the well thought out songs strike with subtle surprises. The transition from serene to playful is very skillful. There is an undeniable joy in these tracks, an album definitely inspired by Yuu Miyake and Joe Hisaishi.