Daniel Noier - Sleeping Mode

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Stunning, deep and rich ambient album designed to be played just before or during sleep. Obviously you'd need an auto-play back tape machine for this, or alternatively just play when everyone's gone home, or you just got in, but you're too buzzy to sleep yet, this will do the trick. Proper. If you enjoy Steve Roach, that killer Kankyo box on LITA etc, you'll love this. 

""Faktura" introduces the sixth cassette release. The debut album by Daniil Kraev "Sleeping Mode" is an audial guide to the world of dreams.
Sleep is an important part of every person's life. Its meaning is crucial for everyone's physiological state. During this time the work of consciousness is partially stopped. All people are able to dream, but they can not always remember them after awakening. Some of us remember dreams as dim and discolored, others on the contrary - as bright and saturated.
Carl Gustav Jung believed that a dream is a very important and personal expression of a person's subconscious. It is "real" to the same extent as everything that happens to a person in life, and dreams themselves, speak the language of symbols.
The album should be listened before or during sleep.
The order and content of the tracks smoothly introduces the listener into the world of the subconscious archetypes and symbols that form the language of dreams through which it refers to us and involves the sleeper into a deeply exciting journey. ."