Cowtown - Paranormal Romance

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After the noise-rock-jamboree that was LOLOISMO by Za!, We're extremely proud to announce that once again, Hot Salvation Records is working with The Audacious Art Experiment to release PARANORMAL ROMANCE by COWTOWN.

Leeds New Wave-Punx finally return after 2013's triumphant Dudes Vs Bad Dudes LP. Hookworms drummer Jonathan Nash takes respite from his day-job to amp up the adrenalin in this perfectly formed slab of power-pop. Your most comfortable reference points will be Devo, or west-coast synth punks Units. Something about the vocal hooks and sense of modernist synth dystopia just seeps through and sticks, but in the most fun way possible.... It's like a John Hughes Soundtrack in space, pogo sticks and lazer guns at the ready. 

Recorded by Matt Johnson of Hookworms at Suburban Home Studio, Leeds, 2016. 

Strictly one-off first pressing of 400 on pink vinyl, ships on August 19th