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Corroded Spiral - Ancient Nocturnal Summoning

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Corroded Spiral is Iggor Cavalera, Dwid Hellion and Cardopusher. Two legends of metal and hardcore come together with one of electronic music's most highly regarded collaborators, and the results are suitably dense, textured, brooding and gnarly. 

There are (good) hints in the project name and sound, to more binary industrial cues such as Coil or Nine Inch Nails, but actually, this music is more akin to thumping body music of Nitzer Ebb, acid techno, and the monolithic power electronics of Whitehouse or Merzbow. A really killer debut EP!

This is a co-release with Phantom Limb

Vital new supergroup Corroded Spiral - comprised of Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera, Venezuelan electronic producer Cardopusher, and Dwid Hellion, founder of early hardcore trailblazers Integrity - announce punishing debut EP Ancient Nocturnal Summoning.

Corroded Spiral’s debut release crosses the boundaries of black metal, hardcore, new wave, industrial and EBM, a sum of decades of experience and powerful musicality from bona fide giants of their respective fields. Its three members contribute not just stylistic influence but three unique voices and a boundless ocean of abilities.

Ancient Nocturnal Summoning captures the intensity, horror and supernatural dread of its title. Its darkness is more creative and more demanding than distorted riffs or blastbeats; but instead is raw, spiritual, apocalyptic, and occasionally illuminated with sparks of melody that shimmer within a suffocating blackness. A seething tension that excavates deep, dark fissures of the soul.