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Co La - Sensory Dub Example

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Release Date Sept 14th 2018


Stoked to be able to bring you the new release from Ohio's Orange Milk Records! Co La plays saturated electronica for fans of Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jan Jelenik etc, and this limited edition, extended composition is his first for three long years! 

label says:

‘Sensory Dub Example’ is the newest Co La music since ‘No No’ in 2015, and his first long-form 20 minute piece, presented in digital formats and on a single-sided 12” vinyl. Loosely spanning four movements, each has a heavy oozing atmosphere anchored by a low pulse and deep mechanical textures that constantly build and release tension. Several sections feature ear-tickling whispered vocals; my favourite repeats the line “this stuff smells so good but it doesn’t taste like anything” to confusingly eerie and calming effect, which is indicative of the work as a whole. As the title might suggest, listening closely to ‘Sensory Dub Example’ is like slipping In to a miniature sound world; it reminds me of the orchestral term ‘tone poem’ in that it eschews standard album conventions for more enveloping explorations without sacrificing precise arrangement or attention to detail.