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Claire Rousay and More Eaze - Never Stop Texting Me

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Exclusive UK/EU version -  shipping June 2022

Two musicians at the vanguard of electronic and ambient forms in 2022 further leaning in to their friendship, and themselves, on this brand new set for Orange Milk. Never Stop Texting Me shares much textural and aesthetic landscape with Claire and Mari's respective works - intimate, pitched and autotuned vocals, bright playful synth patches, but this is now applied to a wonderful appraisal of their broader musical loves - emo, college rock, trap, pop punk, shoegaze. 

The rattling indie-rock of Hands, the Chicago college rock of Stairs, Ghostly trap in Camille, and a personal highlight is Arms nod to the back end of Kanye's masterpiece Runaway - dramatic anthem-laden autotune all present and correct. 

How To Dress Well and Bloodzboi pop up on Missed, a playful pop ballad soaked in found sound-like samples and synth drones that give way to baroque arpeggiation, trance synth strings and huge vocal hooks - genius stuff. 

Ever wanted to know what it would sound like if Run For Cover records released an experimental record? Wonder no more...