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C Schulz - Frühe Jahre

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Another one from the Unseen Worlds roster that has been on constant rotation since stock arrived in early October this year! Mind-blowing post-punk/industrial/avant garde from late 80's Germany. Label blurb below perfectly sums it up, a complete hum-dinger of a reissue!

FRÜHE JAHRE is the first time reissue of C-Schulz’s early work from late 1980s and early ‘90s.  Schulz’s first LP, 10. HOSE HORN, was introduced alongside other debut LPs from Jim O'Rourke and Frank Dommert on Dommert's Entenpfuhl label in 1991.  Combining the cathartic sounds of industrial, early techno, and innovative pop with inspiration from acousmatic, New Music, and Dada, Schulz’s music is a prime example of the Cologne experimental music scene of the time.  Rhythmic delights, outlandish juxtapositions and a sustained, unresolved, aurally-fascinating tension evoke dramatic, film-like meditations. Also included in the collection are the tracks from 7. PARTY DISCO and various other cassette, 7" singles, and compilations, as well as a previously unreleased digital-only bonus track. Liner notes written by Marcus Schmickler, who also co-produced many of the tracks. Remastering by Rashad Becker.