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Beautiful Lunches - Slumgullion

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Hazy, gentle almost euphoric explorations and improvisations made in Leeds and Manchester throughout 2019 and 2020. Sam and Chris understand, lean in to, and translate those wonderful relationships and historic personal moments that smudge in to your DNA forever. Their language is of classic genre playing and hardware samplers, and they’ve made a record about low down personal shit; our deep trauma, beautiful platonic love, isolation, connection, it's all there; Blunches look and listen to the world around them and have created their own version of it. It’s like those summers watching skate videos, feeling upset all the time, getting into bed at 4am, being with your mates, just getting through it. This record doesn’t have a lyric in it, yet it speaks to me as a kid from a grey-ass town as clear as any pop song ever has. I dare you to play this and not feel it.