August Omens - Одно из обращений Земли вокруг своей оси

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Oddball mix of electronica, IDM, Piano/Industrial meandering comes off like the soundtrack to an edgy HBO teen drama - Really enjoyable listen!

"The debut album by a seventeen-year-old musician from Chelyabinsk. Peter Abramenko, produces music under the name of August Omens. August Omens .
«One of the Earth's rotation around its axis» - is a subtle and sensual work. Delicately built narrative creates a sound story and is revealed over 8 tracks.

«Dear listener, this music is my story about miserable people. Even though, they have experienced not a lot of things in their lives, they had felt the most important one — love.

Thereafter, many of them have undergone distress and grief fighting with unbearable pain through nights and days and keeping the desperate hope for return of love.

But this music is not tragic. The sorrow of miserable people is so inconspicuous as a bluish mist, which disappears as soon as the beams of soulful warmth shed by kins in homy cosiness touches their hearts.» ."