Abdullah Sami - Peace of Time

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 Release Date 19th April 2019


An ultra-rare, spiritual jazz Holy Grail from Abdullah Mudon Sami and New York’s & Chicago’s late 70s underground jazz scene, that has acquired mythical status.

In recent years, in the world of esoteric, deep, spiritual jazz, the phrase 'holy grail' has often been over-used and applied to a myriad of jazz re-issues irrespective of merit. Once in a while though the phrase is truly justified and the first time re-issue of Abdullah Sami - "Peace Of Time" really does live up to any hyperbole one could throw around.


Recorded in New York in August 1977 and released in 1978 on Sami's own label imprint, only 300 copies were ever pressed, each cover individually hand-made with different covers photocopied and pasted onto different coloured paper while some copies were adorned with Sami's own hand-drawn art (in much the same way as some of the rarest albums by Sun Ra).