Cosmic Thoughts is a long-term project involving past and present members of a slew of DIY bands from the south-east. 

Beginning as a studio-based electronic project between Steven Gordon Fessey, George Clift and Ross Blair in 2010, some demos were put down in their home studios and at Lightship 95, London with Ben Phillips. These early recordings included other members of November Coming Fire.

The full length LP came on Hot Salvation in early 2014 after a couple of years worth of shows. Where early compositions had been immersed in dense sonic texture, vocal sunk below the surface, tracks such as Decayer or Ulysses from the LP clawed away this fog to expose a new found confidence in space, restraint and extended monotony. The LP itself is an exercise in tension and control throughout, sides A and B ebbing and flowing through subsequently more daring minimalism until finally the release on closer 'Apollo' nods at the members more noise-rock and post-hardcore roots.

 2016 will see the release of a new LP for Hot Salvation.

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