We're so excited to be able to bring you an entire year of events for 2019!

We've partnered with our friends at Space 7 Gallery to put on a series of diverse and subversive parties and live performances. Andy and Sam at Space have been continually so supportive and open to presenting music in its deepest forms, be it jazz, electronica, punk, improvisation, techno or anything else we dream of delving in to; and so it makes perfect sense to make this a permanent project, which allows us to carousel a few of our favourite ideas, and we've just about nailed the Spring line up for you now!

March 1st SAY ANYTHING Defiance in Popular Music 7-late
March 17th SABBATH Kosmiche Meditations for the soul 4-7pm
April 5th HEX EDUCATION Post Punk/Industrial/Dub/Art Rock 7-late
April 13th/14th RECORD STORE DAY We take over Space 7 Gallery for the weekend, with a thrift fare, with thousands of records for the proper crate diggers amongst you, with our SABBATH Sunday session in for the hangover day
May 10th ACE OF WANDS Our improv night is back, and with a new improved, collaborative format! 7-late
May 19th SABBATH Back at the controls for early evening relaxation.4-7pm