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29-32 | Hot Salvation moving to larger premises

We've been a company for a whole year now, with the doors to our beautiful Folkestone store opening at the end of November 2014. It's been a thrilling 9 months at 29 Rendezvous St, a trial by fire if you like. What we know, is that East Kent needed a record store, a proper record store with knowledgeable staff being able to recommend and pick the newest, most cutting edge music. Folkestone, you have repaid us in kind.

Access to affordable, used vinyl was always a priority for us, trying to bring back the crate-digging and treasure-trove element to record shopping, we take pride in the bulk stock we buy and let you rummage through. If there's a banger we've missed, or a rare piece we overlooked, thats the thrill of the chase, and as important to us as finding the best new records available. 

Our record label has garnered much momentum with the release of Mass Lines 'Personality Cult' this year, with imminent releases from Kind Eyes and Sans Pareil as well as a forthcoming Cosmic Thoughts LP and some excellent little surprises around the corner.

Considering this, our snug little nest has become a little cluttered. Not least due to the success of our delicious filter coffee offering, and the launch of the Different Damage homeware and design brand, but simply due to the volume of vinyl we're buying in and shipping out. We need more space!

So we're pleased to announce our move to 32 Rendezvous St. It's within sight of the existing store, but we have the luxury of almost tripling our floor space, meaning we'll be able to space and present our incredible growing stock with some comfort, for us, and most importantly, for you.

Our grand opening day is to be confirmed, but expect it before the end of September. 

Thank you for your continued support this year, we would not be able to make this move if it was not for that.