New London label Futurismo has been running alongside our own timeline at Hot Salvation since we began in 2014. The fabulous Gleaming Spires LP Songs Of The Spires reissue was amongst our very first distributor-orders to open the doors with, and we've waited with baited breath for each and every release as we too have been building Hot Salvation. 

What struck us so early on was the attention to sympathetically reproducing and enhancing the LP without compromising the original, beautiful artwork. Gleaming Spires themselves are in incredible band, that served time as Sparks backing band in the 70's, and put together this brilliant set of american pop tunes that occupy this insane space between Heroes-era David Bowie, Devo and Tubeway Army. There's even a hint of Bruce Springsteen in tracks like 'While We Can,' which, offset by the contemporary production of the time is just perfect.


Next up came Devo 'Miracle Witness Hour.' An LP of outstanding live material, pre-Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! This record catches Devo in their Eno-era Roxy Music-meet-Bowie raw, formative proto-punk stages. It was not long after this intimate concert that Brian Eno himself got his hands on Mothersbaugh and co, and the world became mutoid potatoes! Futurismo's pressing of this incredible set is hammered home by one of the sweetest sleeve designs we've seen. Die-cut 'TV screen' looks in on beautiful five-panel fold-out inner sleeve, with a further colour inner, housing natty multi-coloured vinyl.

Our love for this was picked up by Futurismo boss Delaney Jae, an old acquaintance of Hot Salvation, our punk and hardcore bands were label mates and shared stages way back in in the early-mid 2000's. His design and layout for Sworn In's eponymous 7" and CD were something of a benchmark in UK punk at the time, and it came as no surprise that it was Delaney himself overseeing these wonderful releases.


The Spring brought us the hugely anticipated Contortions 'BUY' redux. Again, it was Futurismo in 'restoration' mode. overhauling the sleeve design just enough to bring it in line with the fast-developing Futurismo aesthetic, but without compromising the incredible original visuals. The gatefold sleeve is now coated in mirror-varnish laminate, with rare photo's included from legendary photographer Anya Phillips. The record itself sounds savage as ever, with a truly top-notch job of remastering. The bottom end isn't too resonant as is all too common with remastering for vinyl, the mix still snaps and pops, and that No-wave funk just rattles from the gorgeous coloured vinyl.

It's around now that Futurismo is really starting to align itself with labels such as Death Waltz, Light In The Attic, Medical Records and Superior Viaduct for it's absolute consistency with regards to a discerning approach to catalogue and curation, excellent attention to the remastering process and of course the absolute quality of the sleeve pressings and design.

The latest release, out this month is Units - Digital Stimulation. After the incredibly high profile Devo and Contortions titles, we're back to archiving underground gold. Units had some minor success with 'High Pressure Days' in 1980, and bring a certain fluidity or organic feel to their new wave-synth pop. It's probably all too easy to compare them to Devo, but it's certainly there, but also, there's early Human League, Talking Heads, Blondie even. 


We can't wait to see what Futurismo has in stall for us for the rest of 2015. All three releases so far WILL be in our end of year lists without a doubt. They're showing the world exactly what was brilliant and diverse about Post Punk, New Wave and Synth Pop, and how completely fresh these bands still sound.

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