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I'm dead excited about this record. Andy Human is a SoCal resident, and 79' weirdo glam/punk obsessive making a racket like Devo, 100 Flowers, Roxy Music, Flesh Eaters and Chrome said. The tinny drum production, scratchy thin buzzsaw guitars and duelling saxophone is totally on point. If you're digging what Superior Viaduct is up to now with their expert archiving of the excellent west coast punk scene, but also are into In The Red records, you'd do worse than explore Ss Records, we've this and the Screature record coming up, and I expect to taking plenty of this labels stock home for myself this year.



2. Negative Scanner LP


After three years and two singles, Trouble In Mind Records (Soft Walls, Ultimate Painting, Del Shannon, Holograma) are releasing the debut full length from Chicago's Negative Scanner. Advance track 'Would You Rather' below showcases how the band are building on their Bromley 76' meets early 80's San Diego sound. Obvious and first comparison would come from Rebecca Valeriano-Flores' vocal delivery to that of the great Sioux herself. She shares a similar range and tone, but also, that exciting yelp is just totally on the money. Behind her, the band are more of a colonial proposition, all west cost swagger and bright, scratchy downstrokes like The Wipers or The Stooges. Earlier tracks releases by TIM and Tall Pat records does showcase touches of London's Post Punk/New Romantic tribal beats, like much of The Ants, or The Banshees work, but it's so underpinned by that rock swagger that set american punk part from the brits.

Cant wait for this record.



3. Heather Woods Broderick LP


The press release definitely sold me this record half way, name-checking influences like Liz Fraser, Grouper and Stevie Nicks will always mean something get's played, at least until I discredit the desperate copyrighter within this first verse. This time thought, 'Wyoming' by Heather Woods Broderick took me back to the first time I heard Treasure by Cocteau Twins. I'm not adverse to pastiche, or open influence, provided it's approached with a sense of class and taste (see Death and Vanilla), and this is no exception, The recording has a richness and depth that justifies the Grouper, or even maybe Juliana Barwick nods, but with pop sensibilities that will keep me playing this while I'm walking around town.