RSD 2015


After some soul-searching, we decided to go ahead with Record Store Day this year. It's on April 18th, and we're excited/terrified to see how this whole deal goes down. We're not soap-box kind of people, and firmly believe that record stores are making a comeback due to a natural demand as opposed to to some flash-in-the-pan hyperbole. We love music, we love listening to it, as we do so, all day. 

Come to our store on April 18th and meet with people that genuinely love music. Love talking to others about music, the art of it, why it fires us up. Limited edition pressings and all that salad dressing comes and goes. We're taking the day to celebrate the phenomenon of listening to music and sharing the experience with others. We find records to be the most conducive format for this experience. We're excited to crack open some excellent pieces on that day and absolutely blasting the Rogers speakers, sinking some righteous coffee and doing what muso's do best, shoot the shit. 

Celebrate the record store, the experience, the space, the sound, the excitement of discovery. Break that seal and crank that bad boy with us. 

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We will also have one of these extremely limited edition Rega RP1's for sale. With a exclusive RSD colour way and branding, for you big spenders, this could make the whole day go off with a bang.