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After taking the plunge in July to leave teaching and make a go of Hot Salvation as a record shop, brew bar and record label full time, Natalie and I are happy to be finally opening a store in our hometown, Folkestone, Kent. 
After a a couple of near misses with some lovely spots in both Canterbury and Folkestone, we have settled on an incredible place in Rendezvous Street:
The old Prince Albert Hotel has been a bit of a local landmark for years, and something of a fallen hero. It's been empty for years, it was in a right old state, but I'm pleased to say along with the owners and the Heritage Lottery Fund, we've pulled its socks up and are ready to open. 
Buckets of of light pour in the huge panoramic windows all day, with a rather neat view to the east cliff. We've floor space for about 4000 records, and some seating for our delicious Square Mile coffee service, all filtered through Hario V60's. 
Here's some more pictures charting the shop fit:
Thomas and I in a shell
Punks plumbing
Dronepunx the human spirit level:
Natty TCOBarker
Papa Steve, surveying his work