Meitei - Komachi - Hot Salvation
Meitei - Komachi - Hot Salvation

Meitei - Komachi

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So excited to be able to bring you the very last of the second pressing of Meitei's stunning 2019 LP Komachi, released by the good folk at Metron and Seance records. Using some material that pre-dates the stunning and newly reissued KWAIDAN, with some newer compositions, Komachi is a rich, ambient record, and something of a masterclass in Japanese hauntology, conjuring the ghosts of a spiritual Japanese past lost now to the large looming tech-culture that reigns supreme. With these two records, the young Meitei has asserted himself as one of the worlds premium avant Garde and ambient composers. With very sparing use of texture and palette, he has clear and sophisticated nods to such cultural hit points as Koizumi Yakumo's ghost stories, the visual film and animation works of Mizuki Shigeru and Hayao Miyzaki as well as maybe more western leaning sound artists J Dilla, or early Four tet, with their characteristic wonky and loose sample play, allowing sounds to become organic in the mind of the listener. 

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