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Cosmic Thoughts - Work Night Out

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Work Night Out is a collection songs recorded between summer 2015 and 2017.

Two tracks, Balearic Thoughts and Super Astral Dub were tracked in Folkestone with Producer Brassica, and capture Cosmic Thoughts in electronic and experimental form. Drawing on House, Post Punk, Synth Pop, Fourth World and Dub for these tracks, and encouraging Michael Wright to colour and process the tracks way beyond anything the band has done before. Rotunda from last years VP24 EP was recorded at Hot Salvation by the band itself, with the remainder of the tracks being a collaborative work with Ben Phillips, once again at Lightship 95 in East London. Fleshing out the motorik, post-punk sound already being explored on 2014's eponymous LP, there is exploration into percussion, rhythm, texture and repetition to find new heights of sustained groove. 

This collection has been sequenced in 2018 and mastered by Brassica in Folkestone, Kent, and creates a bridge between the cerebral post punk of Mission Of Burma, Wire or Electrelane, and more kaleidoscopic art pop of say K Leimer, Jenny Hval or Can. 

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