Blood Sport - Axe to the Root - Hot Salvation
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Blood Sport - Axe to the Root

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Blood Sport: Trio. Keegan, Parkin & Potter. Drums, electronics, electric chordophone, baritone guitar, voice.

Premiere ambassadors of sheffield's aggro-beat sound. Audio propaganda from the uk's 'First city of sanctuary'.

Mongrel soundclash pups of hi-nrg 'tronics & afro-beat. Musical wing of northern underground party agitators 'Hybrid vigour' Brothers-in-arms to tie dye tapes & the audacious art experiment.

Shoe-less dancers. "A glorious fusion of opposing forces... You never quite know if they are here to start the party or destroy it" (Loud And Quiet) 1.

Four Track Vinyl + Ethnological Travelogue Party Mix Cd! Edition #1 "Current Condition Present Position" Includes Richard H Kirk Blood Sport Remix / Hieroglyphic Being & Others.

2. Hybrid Vigour (South) 22 Jan 2016 @ Café Oto London Blood Sport Live & Dj Sets + Tony Allen (Fela Kuti) & Jimi Tenor With The Moog Sound Lab.

LP A1/ Reflective Orange A2/ Perfect Choice, Pastel Reflection B1/ Floating In Credit B2/ Welcome To The Foyer CD 1/AMRL - The Dog Note 2/Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri Jeri-Bamba 3/Reflective Orange 4/Tal National - Wongharey 5/Tshetsha Boys - Uyakwihika Rose 6/Floating In Credit (Early Mix) 7/ Reflective Orange (Richard H Kirk Remix) 8/Hieroglyphic Being - Je Suis Musique 9/ Perfect Choice, Pastel Reflection (Early Mix) 10/Modular Pursuits - No Boundaries (Daphni Remix) 11/Welcome To The Foyer 12/Reflective Organ (Richard H Kirk Dub)

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