HS | PC Sessions: KIND EYES

Recorded in Bossingham, Kent. We're super psyched to have Kind Eyes added to our roster this year, a raging, raw and emotive post hardcore duo that recall the balance of dark and shade previously exemplified by Unwound or Slint. Another from our emerging Papercrane Collaborative series, two videos that capture the sheer scope of tone, dynamic and performance of the artists we work with. Enjoy 'Chug It Out' and 'The Rift'

'It's OK, It's Not OK' LP is available to order now. 



March 07, 2016 by George Clift

HS | PC Sessions : MASS LINES

Last year, Josh and Jack at Papercrane Recordings approached us about producing some video content for their youtube channel. Together we came up with the idea to partner to capture HS artists in unique spaces in East Kent as a joint venture. The good people at Punktastic have been kind enough to agree to host some premieres for us too. 

First, Mass Lines present 'Lapsed Catholics' and 'Charm Offensive'

February 29, 2016 by George Clift

Za! 'Badulake'

We're so incredibly pleased to have been able to release 'LOLOISMO' in the UK on vinyl with our good friends Audacious Art Experiment. Luke GY brought this LP to our attention early on to partner for release, to which we jumped at the chance. Since then, Edi and Pau have shown us new levels of creativity, positivity and productivity. From the outstanding production job on the LP, product design, packaging, fulfilment and subsequent touring and now video production; every part of the process has been a marvel of quality. With a complete sense of accessibility within avant garde, Za! bring experimental music to a level that all people can enjoy like a punk show. Check out the simply brilliant video for Badulake, which Za! had to fly home to Spain half way through the UK tour to receive the Spanish Music Video award....


Directed by Jordi Castells & Aitor Garay.

February 29, 2016 by George Clift

That Fucking Tank - Chumbawambanger

The video for 'Chumbawambanger' from HS006: China Tour 7" by That Fucking Tank


February 29, 2016 by George Clift