David Johansen and Bill Murray came to me in a dream last night and told me the Hot Salvation Christmas Opening Hours. Look at their smug faces.   As follows: Saturday 20th 10-6 Sunday 21st 11-4 Monday 22nd 11-3 Tuesday 23rd 11-3 Wednesday 24th 11-3 Saturday 3rd January 10-6

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Their 2014 Part 1

Best of 2014 Hot Salvation Perspex Flesh Punk Records Sans Pareil

I've asked a bunch of people to contribute some lists for our end of year blog. What floated their boats this year, records, EP's demos, rare finds, late passes, whatever's good.  First up are a couple of chaps, Thomas Dowse and Rob Tyers.     Thomas has, for the last ten years or so has flicked from Pariah to Sans Pareil. He has consistently put out some of the most engaging material I've heard, occupies a similar literary territory to that of Mark E Smith or Daniel Higgs, but has a musical and aesthetic vision that is more akin to the...

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Hot Salvation Records

I compiled this quickly and without too much over thought. I guess if they stuck, they make the cut, right? Absolutely putting honourable mention to Ben Frost, The Drink, Hookworms, Wharves, not to mention that I haven't even sat and played a Soused by Sunn 0)) and Scott Walker yet.  That aside, these ones really stuck. I played them countless times, and they are certainly the soundtrack to the end of my teaching career and the beginning of Hot Salvation. So I guess they're quite resonant with me. I've had the pleasure of seeing, putting on or playing alongside some...

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Rega comes to Folkestone

Folkestone HiFi Hot Salvation Record Player Records

We're proud to be stocking the iconic RP1 from Rega. Handmade in Essex, this beautiful deck is to hifi what the 1210 is to DJing or the Telecaster is to guitar. It is a benchmark in quality, reliabilty and affordability enjoyed all over the world.  Here's what Rega say: "This multi-award winning turntable is designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point. The minimalist design of the RP1 and the use of extremely high quality components throughout ensure this amazing product will deliver unrivalled performance for the price. Excellent build...

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Brew Bar

Coffee Folkestone hario Hot Salvation square mile v60

We're completely excited to be bringing Square Mile coffee to Folkestone again after a year of quality brewing from Manifest is now sadly over.    Unlike Thom at Manifest who's excellent espresso was the talk of the Creative Quarter, we will be brewing filter coffee. We're doing this using Hario V60 drip filters. This simple but incredible method allows the water to pass through the grinds in a free-pour fashion, through a paper filter and straight to your cup or server. It's an elegant process that takes between two and four minutes depending on the serving and requires just a little...

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