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Pretty stoked to be taking preorders for some really exciting records this month. Here's a round up/chance to listen to some of our favourites. SLEAFORD MODS - KEY MARKETS July 10th We've remained on the peripherals of the hysteria around this band. It's gotten a little silly, and despite really liking their music, it does feel a little like mass-(social)media hyperbole is probably not in the spirit of what these guys are trying to achieve. Nonetheless, the new record is going to rip your face off. Bile, bile and more bile. ORDER NOW SLEAFORD MODS COLLECTION   INSTITUTE - CATHARSIS...

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GUERILLA PRESS I've had the pleasure of knowing Joe Watson for at least 13 years. Our bands November Coming Fire and Jets Vs Sharks and then Attack Vipers played countless shows together over the years, and not a more sincere, positive, creative and down right nice guy do I know.  He's been making videos for bands (including the mighty Coliseum), snapping punk bands all over for years and years. His new endeavour is a blog that covers, well, stuff he likes. Design, Art, Music and more. He got in touch this week and asked if I'd be interviewed for the...

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Their 2014 Part 1

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I've asked a bunch of people to contribute some lists for our end of year blog. What floated their boats this year, records, EP's demos, rare finds, late passes, whatever's good.  First up are a couple of chaps, Thomas Dowse and Rob Tyers.     Thomas has, for the last ten years or so has flicked from Pariah to Sans Pareil. He has consistently put out some of the most engaging material I've heard, occupies a similar literary territory to that of Mark E Smith or Daniel Higgs, but has a musical and aesthetic vision that is more akin to the...

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Staff Picks Sept 2014

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X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents Incredible debut record form one of the forebears of modern alternative music. This records has influenced countless artists and entire genres over the last 35 years, not least the most clear cut lineage, Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl movement.  This copy is in absolutely beautiful condition and plays as well as they day it was pressed, get it now in the store!   Ride - Nowhere Ride's debut record came after a plethora of excellent 12" Eps, and this, thankfully lived up to it. They may have lived in the shadow of My Bloody...

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