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1. ANDY HUMAN AND THE REPTOIDS LP   Buy Andy Human & The Reptoids - S/T I'm dead excited about this record. Andy Human is a SoCal resident, and 79' weirdo glam/punk obsessive making a racket like Devo, 100 Flowers, Roxy Music, Flesh Eaters and Chrome said. The tinny drum production, scratchy thin buzzsaw guitars and duelling saxophone is totally on point. If you're digging what Superior Viaduct is up to now with their expert archiving of the excellent west coast punk scene, but also are into In The Red records, you'd do worse than explore Ss Records, we've this...

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Pretty stoked to be taking preorders for some really exciting records this month. Here's a round up/chance to listen to some of our favourites. SLEAFORD MODS - KEY MARKETS July 10th We've remained on the peripherals of the hysteria around this band. It's gotten a little silly, and despite really liking their music, it does feel a little like mass-(social)media hyperbole is probably not in the spirit of what these guys are trying to achieve. Nonetheless, the new record is going to rip your face off. Bile, bile and more bile. ORDER NOW SLEAFORD MODS COLLECTION   INSTITUTE - CATHARSIS...

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