Record Store Day | April 21 2018


Nat and I are happy to announce our Record Store Day celebrations for 2018. We'll be partying all day, and you’re all invited! We have invited some dear friends to come and play records on our freshly revitalised 1210’s throughout the day, we’ll have some delicious beers and snacks and of course a selection of some of the limited edition releases available on the day. Hope you can come and hang out with us! 


We have left our announcement a little late, and our plan a little coy. We've decided that this year, we can bring something to RSD that enables us to enjoy the day, celebrate with our loyal and regular customers the support they give to us year round, take a moment to reflect on the job we try and do day to day, and hopefully welcome some new faces to experience what it is we try and do

It's easy to lose that with RSD. On a day meant to celebrate what makes us unique, it can be a day in which you fade in to the background more than most, letting high profile releases and the risky potential sales volume eclipse what it is you do the other 364 days a year. Recommending the best music to truly open minded people every single day is our job. We source the very best quality used records, live and breathe the newest and most cutting edge music from around the world, go nuts for long out of print gems or receive a #latepass for 'finally' getting in to Mahavishnu Orchestra or Laurie Anderson, or Lady Gaga (right??).

We're going to ensure it is chill and fun, for us and for you. We've selected a TINY amount of titles from the still COLOSSAL total list. We're not going to shout about what we're getting, we want you to come find out. We're not going to open at 8am... thats ridiculous. We'll open at 10. We're going to have our friends come and spin records. ALL DAY. We're going to have treats to drink and eat. We're going to relax, chat with you, encourage you to hang out and listen to the music. Meet new people. Put the store back in to this thing. 

Open 10-7
Limited edition official record store day titles available on the day
Quality used records, new and fully stocked. 

DJ’s all day:

Pete Gofton ( Spiritland, Great Electric)
Jazz Beams
Amanda Beckett
Out Of Town
Paul Davies
Georgie X Justice