JULY 2020

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Really excited to have two new preorder available this week from our partner labels Phantom Limb and Métron. Both imprints are firing at the top of their game in 2020, it's a genuine pleasure to get to approve these test presses and work so closely with such amazing artists work. Both Katya Yonder and Richard Skelton's new records will literally blow you away, and for completely different reasons. These two records also mark the beginning of us being able to offer digital downloads both as a separate product, and as a download with the physical album! Only taken me 6 years! Hot Dang!!! I've also had a spring clean on the website, so it looks a little different, go check it out!

>>>>>> Four years after the last release on Hot Salvation's in-house label, we have not one, but TWO brand new LP's being announced next month. I'm not massively a 'Announcing the announcement' guy, but this shit is expensive. so I'm going to need to ram this down your throats for a bit. Not to worry, both records are unbelievable!!! >>>>>>>>


Katya Yonder - Multiply Intentions
Katya Yonder - Multiply Intentions
£9.00 - £19.00
Shipping late August/Early September. FFO Bat For Lashes, Jenny Hvalreki, Ghostbox Records, Broadcast
''Living on the border of Europe and Asia all of my life, I have always been interested in both of these huge parts of the world and their centuries-old history" 
Multiply Intentions is the fourth full length release from Russian multi-instrumentalist Katya Yonder and her first long player since 2017. Borne from a new found sense of confidence and self-awareness, the album is inspired by both local and neighbouring musical cultures and a wide range of social influences. 
Whilst her previous records were purely instrumental, for fear that she would be misunderstood or even ridiculed, Multiply Intentions sees Katya introduce her vocals for the first time. Singing in four different languages (her native Russian, English, Japanese and French) across 13 tracks, the album is an ode to her diverse musical upbringing and the wide range of influences on her as an artist. 
Multiply Intentions was built from initial sketches she developed for her 2018 Métron Mixtape (a mix that was highlighted in Pitchfork’s monthly mix roundups). Working with these building blocks, and blending in her love of the music of Madonna, Brian Eno and Cocteau Twins with references drawn from 80s pop, old video game soundtracks and soviet films, Katya moved these initial ideas into larger, richer songs that are layered by her ethereal vocals. 
Richard Skelton - These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound
Richard Skelton - These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound
£8.00 - £23.00
Shipping End of September on 2LP. FFO Stars Of the Lid, Brian Eno, Allesandro Cortini.

Featured heavily within the growing narrative of 'New Weird Britain' featured so heavily in articles and shows on the Quietus and Radio 3, ex-Wigan and current Scottish borderlands resident Skelton has spent the last two decades studying, exploring and translating his experience of the north of England. This new LP is a rich, DEEEEEP synthesized set of vignettes that is going to be hard to beat this year in the realms of immersive electronica. 

"Skelton’s unique, all-enveloping soundworld [is] a must-visit destination" Q Magazine "Digging through strata of earth and vibration, an aural archaeology that could be termed land music" The Wire Magazine Seminal British experimental musician Richard Skelton joins Phantom Limb for the release of stunning new album These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound, his first for the label, first on vinyl in over a decade, and a standout record in his own catalogue. Over the past sixteen years, Richard Skelton has developed a signature sound, often comprised of strings, piano and other acoustic instrumentation. Since 2013 he has increasingly buried these organic sources in layers of detritus and static. The process, as he articulates it, is to use signal-degradation as a means of reflecting the processes of decay and transformation in the natural world. His music has been placed alongside giants of experimental music, such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Stars Of The Lid, William Basinski. With new album These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound, however, Skelton has abandoned acoustic instrumentation altogether to map out a new territory of buzzing sine tones and square waves, immersed in shimmering clouds of distortion and suspended over landscapes of thrumming bass. The result is a new and transcendental experience: while the key themes of Skelton’s music remain - stark and lonely geographies, ancient myths buried deep within the land, slow-moving glacial evolution - we are transported to a darker and more mechanical place. The intensity and sound design here are more akin to quasi-industrial, abandoned-factory sonics than to earthy, organic tones of earlier Richard Skelton albums. Abul Mogard and Alessandro Cortini could be considered peers now, just as much as Eno and Basinski had been before.
Meitei - Komachi
Meitei - Komachi
£20.00 - £25.00


Special '2020 Edition' featuring brand new sleeve design, beautiful 140gm cream vinyl and a 12 page booklet with words in Japanese & English from Meitei. 


“Things fade into obscurity when a populace has no interest” - Meitei / 冥丁 

Meitei considers himself an old soul, often preoccupied with the customs and rituals of the past. Recently Meitei lost his beloved 99-year-old grandmother, a woman who he considered to be one of the last remaining people to have experience and understanding of traditional Japanese ambience. His music and art is driven by a desire to cast light on an era and aesthetic that he believes is drifting out of the collective Japanese consciousness with each passing generation, what he calls "the lost Japanese mood". He chose to dedicate Komachi to his late Grandmother. 

“I want to revive the soul of Japan that still sleeps in the darkness” - Meitei / 冥丁 

Haunting and delicate, distant and timeless, Komachi is awash with white noise, complex field recordings and the hypnotic sounds of flowing water. Though confidently contemporary, like a bucolic J-Dilla, Komachi’s lineage can be traced back to the floating worlds of Ukiyo-e and Gagaku via the prism of 80s Japanese ambient pioneers, and 90s pastoral sample-based artists such as Susumu Yokota and Nobukazu Takemura. 

Composed as individual sonic dioramas, each of the twelve tracks have been crafted to not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but to also explore the dichotomy of ancient and new in modern Japanese society. This pervasive narrative runs throughout, calling to mind the work of authors Yasunari Kawabata and Natsume Soseki, as well as the films of Yasujirō Ozu and Hayao Miyazaki, artists similarly fascinated by the reflective tranquillity that permeated traditional Japanese domestic life.

Yumiko Morioka - Resonance
Yumiko Morioka - Resonance
Ships end of July 2020

Gaining critical acclaim already from Vinyl Factory and the coveted Album Of The Day on Bandcamp Daily, Berlin's fantastic Métron have the stunning Resonance finally landing this month after one of the more painstaking test-press processes I've encountered. Simply, it's a record of such delicate dynamics that we had ensure the absolute lowest noise floor, and working with the fantastic team at Dublin Vinyl, we have a record that all parties are truly proud of

"Originally released on Akira Ito’s Green & Water imprint in 1987, Resonance mainly served as background music for Japanese TV documentaries, maternity clinics and health shops, only later gaining traction through blog posts and YouTube uploads." - Vinyl Factory
MC Yallah and Eomac - Mama Waliwamanyii
MC Yallah and Eomac - Mama Waliwamanyii


Ugandan rapper MC Yallah joins Phantom Limb for the release of her blistering new 12” Mama Waliwamanyii. Produced by Irish electronic artist Eomac (one half of R&S Records’ Lakker), the EP fuses Yallah’s breakneck Luganda language rapping with Eomac’s powerful, purposeful beats. 

Formed remotely between Dublin and Kampala, Mama Wailwamanyii represents several months of work, sending beats, loops and song-stems back and forth until the results boiled down to the two vital cuts of exhilarating, experimental, unpredictable hip-hop that make up the EP. 

Opening with urgent descending synth lines, ‘Mama Waliwamanyii’ rushes Yallah’s rhythmic vocal style to the forefront, bristling with kinetic energy. The song references her mother - its title translates to “Mama, you were strong” - and a sense of fierce, feminine intensity pervades throughout, a deep personal meaning that kicks as hard as the beats. The track is destined to intoxicate dancefloors across the world, perfectly sculpted by Eomac to rise and fall with breathless ecstasy one moment and send the heart racing with expectation the next. Yallah wrote the track after losing her mother, who raised her and her siblings alone following their escape from the domestic violence of their home life in Kenya. She writes that the studio session evoked floods of tears. That raw, expressive power shines through.