HS BLOG | WC MAR 5th 2018


Time rattles on hey? Last time we spoke, we'd launched our new points/loaylty scheme. Uptake has been incredible so HI to all you new subscribers, but to be honest, we'd like your help to get MORE! We'll reward you even more points for helping us, rocketing you towards a £20 voucher even quicker. Details below. 

We've also got a stack more preorders coming up, and a load of really decent used stuff out in the racks/on the site too. We've had some cool rare Bowie singles, some 90's electronica and a really cool Jungle/DNB collection.

Here's the summary:

  • Earn £5 voucher for referalls and 50 pts for sharing on Facebook!
  • New preorders
  • New used stock



Log in to your points account widget on our website, scroll down to below your point-o-meter and you will see an EARN MORE POINTS button, and click on SHARE ON FACEBOOK. This will instantly earn you 50 points towards you voucher.

Scroll a bit further below your point-o-meter and you'll see Share With Friends! giving you a code to copy in to an email for a friend new to the site. How it works:

Your referral link gives your friend immediate access to the reward. Your reward becomes available when they make a purchase.
£5 off discount
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2LP £17 | Mar 9th
Due this Friday! We're so excited about this one! Library/Psychedelic/Reverb worship from one of our favourite labels, Clay Pipe (Hardy Tree, Jon Brooks). The record is limited to 700 hand-numbered copies ONLY, on thick red vinyl. Fans of Radiophonic Workshop, Occult/Folk and Broadcast need apply NOW!! We've two videos and a track streaming on the site so head over and check it out!!!  VIEW
And more....
  • The Invisible World Of Beautify Junkyards (Ghost Box) - Imagine Arthur Verocai jamming with Broadcast... or something. Incredible pastoral psych pop and acid fold steeped in Braziliana. Julian House at Ghost Box does it again! VIEW
  • Brown Acid - The Sixth Trip - Riding Easy takes us further down the obscure US biker trail of the 60s and 70s with this new crate dug gold mine! VIEW
  • Stars Of The Lid - Gravitational Pull.... (Kranky). This absolute benhcmark of 90's ambient drone finally makes a reappearance on vinyl, courtesy of the kind folk at Kranky VIEW
  • Alva Noto - Unieqav (NOTON) - New work from the legendary electronica composer who's work with Mika Vainio and Ryuichi Sakamoto has made him an international name. This new album solidifies his position as a name in his own right with ease. VIEW

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We've had a bunch of excellent stuff in this week in our used racks! I've priced a load of David Bowie12"s, including John Im Only Dancing 12" Maxi French pressing... our source has a load of French Bowie stuff, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more in the coming months! 

The main collection we bought in this week was this sick little Drum and Bass lot, probably about 50-70 titles, mainly early 00's Full Cycle, Krust, DIe, Roni Size style stuff, all cheap cheap, with a couple of little gems hidden including the System X (Got to Believe - above), which is a really nice, rare jungle track. There's a couple more like that. There was also a little techno in there, that Joey Beltram is an early Warp banger, and there's a bunch of Novamute bits too. Check the website and our discogs now. Loads of cheap bargains to be had, but it don't hang around long!