HOT SALVATION MIX 29/01/19 | ELLEN GOFTON | Bechdel Sound Test Weekender | Founder of Holy Roar

Ellen is a long-time HS pal!! Formerly of hardcore/metal label Holy Roar, Ellen was instrumental in the Birmingham scene in the early 00's, being one of the strongest voices putting on challenging and genre-bending bands in alternative music, providing a platform for people of all groups to come together and play extreme music. Her taste has always been that of a PROPER HEAD, and this mix cements that; from big hitters like Low, to more cerebral or abrasive material from Mary Lattimore. Bliss Signal and Steve Hauschildt.

Make sure you check out the new festival she is involved with BECHDEL SOUND TEST WEEKENDER, an event for International Women's Day and in aid of Bloody Good Period, a wicked charity ensuring that asylum seekers and refugees have a decent supply of sanitary products! links below!!