New Releases, Preorders and Post RSD leftovers!

We have some incredible new releases in and titles up for preorder this week. We also have a handful of records left from Record Store Day by artisits such as Iggy Pop, The Fall, Tangerine Dream, Basil Kirchin, Captain Beefheart and more. All remaining stock goes up for sale online at midnight on friday so move quickly if you want to pick anything up.



KH - Only Human

Brand new limited one-off 12" from KH AKA Kieren Hebden AKA Four Tet himself! Only Human is an 8 minute, mesmeric and balearic thump of a track, capturing some of the techno vibe of his Everything Ecstatic LP, but with that low 100bpm swagger. Totally bangs! We've only a few, grab em while you can HERE


Ruby Rushton - Ironside

New record from Tenderlonious's London fusion crew finally lands. 22a label is just so hot at the moment, head over and check it out here



Blown out fuzz-fusion-free-jazz-psychedlia from London town. Members plays in all the usual suspects. Fans of ECM and Sons Of Kement alike will dig this!  tracks and order over here!

Preorder: Matias Aguayo - Support Alien Invasion

The danceable dimension is stunningly original, as Matias has been striving to create heavy, sound system-friendly beats which incorporate non-Eurocentric, non-4/4 rhythm programming. The result often sounds like some kind of irresistible, futuristic Maloya or carnival music, which can induce new ways of dancing. Order Here

Preorder: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Be Known Ancient/Future/Music

New spiritual jazz album by the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, led by legendary Chicago percussionist Kahil ElZabar, an artist in a league of his own, acknowledged throughout the world as the leader in the vanguard of spiritual and afro-futuristic jazz. Check it out Here

Preorder: Sunn 0))) - Life Metal

Life Metal may be the richest work in the band’s 21-year mission to reconfigure Tony Iommi-worthy riffage into a
soundtrack for mindful meditation. See it Here

Shows and Events

We've got the latest instalment of our experimental music series happening at Space 7 Gallery on the Old High Street this May 10th. Doom/Drone legend John Wood has been working with Folkestone modular wizard Christian Tutt for a little while to prep something wholly new and other-worldly. I'm so pleased to finally be able to get these two working together on some new and hypnotic work. John has been such an inspiration on my own musical work over the years, it's an honour to host a show for him in 2019!

And finishing the night, I will be reuniting with my Profound Sound collaborators Georgina Treloar and Jon Law, and this time we're being joined by old friend and one of the more prolific punk and DIY artists I know, Ross Blair. Not only doing turns currently in Thrash vets Man Hands, and our own Motorik Cosmic Thoughts, his new group Negative Space have just announced their second LP for Drunken Sailor recs. All going to plan we'll have a menagerie including Hurdy Gurdy, Mallets, Steel Pans, guitar drone and synths will be utilised by the four of us, It's going to be a wicked night, facebook event here, hope you can make it! 

Facebook Event Here