Hot Salvation, Records -


I compiled this quickly and without too much over thought. I guess if they stuck, they make the cut, right? Absolutely putting honourable mention to Ben Frost, The Drink, Hookworms, Wharves, not to mention that I haven't even sat and played a Soused by Sunn 0)) and Scott Walker yet. 
That aside, these ones really stuck. I played them countless times, and they are certainly the soundtrack to the end of my teaching career and the beginning of Hot Salvation. So I guess they're quite resonant with me. I've had the pleasure of seeing, putting on or playing alongside some of these groups and that always galvanises a record for me if the experience matches or outdoes the recording itself. Good Throb and Soft Walls meet that criteria head on. 
I guess the stand out pieces here are by Perspex Flesh, Institute and Total Control. These bands are at the vanguard of what's happening in punk and hardcore in 2014. I don't think DIY music has been this exciting in so many years, and these three records absolutely outshone their peers, not to take too much away from such a vibrant scene. 
Heres the list. Spend your Christmas catching up on bits you've missed like I will be, as 2015 will be just as full of incredible new music. 
  • Perspex Flesh S/T Static Shock
  • Institute 'Salt' Sacred Bones
  • Ought 'More Than Any Other Day' Constellation
  • Total Control 'Typical System' Iron Lung
  • Owls 'Two' Polyvinyl
  • Death Comet Crew 'Ghost Among The Crew' Diagonal
  • Earth 'Primitive and Deadly' Southern Lord 
  • Good Throb 'Fuck Off' Super Fi
  • Goat 'Commune' Sub Pop
  • Iceage 'Plowing Into The Field Of Love' Matador
  • The Lowest Form 'Negative Ecstasy' Iron Lung
  • Old Man Gloom 'The Ape Of God' SIGE
  • Cult Of Youth 'Final Days' Sacred Bones
  • Pallbearer 'Foundations of Burden' Profound Lore 
  • Soft Walls 'No Time' Faux Discx 
  • Wildbirds and Peacedrums S/T Leaf Label
  • Swans 'To Be Kind' Mute
  • Wolves in The Throne Room 'Celestite' Artemesia
  • Yob 'Clearing the Path To Ascend' Neurot
  • Dollkraut 'Schimanski's Black Lullabies' The Gym
  • Trashkit 'Confidence' UTR