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Brew Bar

We're completely excited to be bringing Square Mile coffee to Folkestone again after a year of quality brewing from Manifest is now sadly over. 


Unlike Thom at Manifest who's excellent espresso was the talk of the Creative Quarter, we will be brewing filter coffee. We're doing this using Hario V60 drip filters. This simple but incredible method allows the water to pass through the grinds in a free-pour fashion, through a paper filter and straight to your cup or server. It's an elegant process that takes between two and four minutes depending on the serving and requires just a little patience and steadiness of hand. 
We think this is the perfect compliment to our vinyl offering; come in spend an hour browsing records, listening to music and drinking delicious coffee in a bright, welcoming and social environment. We hope this slightly more relaxed approach to coffee will encourage social interaction between music and coffee lovers, both local and visitors to the town.
See George in our store using the Hario apparatus to dial in some excellent San Jose El Salvador beans, which will be our first offering. We like our coffee with notes of chocolate, nuts, toffee and caramel. Filter coffee lends itself to these overtones so well, and you can drink in it's pure form, or compliment with milk, soya or hazulnut milk. 
Pop in and try a cup from this weekend!